Any Mikrokorg Users Here?

there is a little thing i don’t understand correctly regarding the mikrokorg’s front panel knobs. when I record movements on these to Renoise, they are recognized as “M0” controller change messages in the pattern editor. however - is there any way i can use envelopes for this instead?

edit: as far as I can see, there’s no way to patch these three knobs to CC values, which would have solved the problem… hmmmmm

appreciate if someone can help me here, thanks.

If you open the MIDI mapping window (Options>MIDI Mapping of Ctrl+m) you have a checkbox at the bottom that says “Record MIDI mapped parameters to automation”
I think if you check this box you’re good to go.

Hey, thanks Drip.
Seems i already have this checked. I succeed recording the automation, but only as pattern commands, not envelopes.
But it’s ok i guess, the most important thing is that i can control it. Looks like it’s not possible in the current version of Renoise, maybe in the future!

Third button toggles between recording to Pattern or Automation.

You should find it at the bottom of the pattern editor.

I have a microKORG and can confirm that those midi messages don’t get recorded to automation, even with the button toggled.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Microkorg or any synth because it’s just MIDI.
I tried this now and this is the case:
just like in my post above, you have to enable “Record MIDI mapped parameters to automation” in the MIDI mapping window.
Now you can choose where the knob movements are recorded with the button kazakore pointed out.
And you have to be in record mode of course :)

The thing is, I think he doesn’t want to record any mapped parameters to automation, he wants to record the midi messages themselves to automation.

I realized this is possible after all - I had forgotten all about the Instr. Midi Control device. Drop in one of those, tweak the knob you want to automate to find out what CC it is (for example the knob 1 default - filter cutoff - on the microkorg is 4a which is 74 in decimal.) Use the Instr. Midi Control device to control CC74, map the same knob to that parameter, and there you go. It’s sort of roundabout but it works.

edit 2: Apparently Renoise is smarter than I am and automatically disables messages from mapped midi parameters so you don’t even need to disable recording midi controller values.

Thanks for the input guys,
however - this is not exactly what i meant.
Let’s say you want to record the “ARP gate time” parameter. This parameter is not one of the default CCs on the MK, so I have to assign it to one of the front panel knobs to play/tweak with it. And when recorded in renoise, it only comes as M0 midi message, and it seems like there is no way assign this to a CC message, and therefore neither to an automation envelope.

Or am i missing something here?

M0 is MIDI CC.

Yeah, when you twist the arp gate time knob you get M0 6xx, meaning it’s CC 6. Assign an Instr. MIDI Control to CC 6, use that to control it in automation.

Ah, I see now. Thanks guys, very helpful!