Any news for future versions ?

(niNja_pWn3d) #269

pfft… OpenMPT… Windowz only. eww.

(N_N) #270

I’m so happy that this supercool daw is alive. It was probably or at least one of the best news of 2019. Thank you and wish all the best to devs + community and have a big fame! It’s awesome. :boom:

(Bungle) #271

Why is everyone so excited, until there is a release you can use it is not alive, it is not being updated, done and done.

Why hasn’t somebody just contacted Taktik and asked how much it would cost to buy him out and get the code to open source it, he isn’t that interested in it anymore, so why not try and crowdfund the buy out?

(Veggies) #272

And until I see proof that you’re not just a cat that walked across someone’s keyboard in a very particular way, your post is worthless.

(Bungle) #273

Wait, so me stating a fact (There is no release until it is released) is worthless, but your post about some random cat nonsense is valuable, well done.

(Tumulte) #274

I’ve had confirmation from the man himself : update is on the way. The longer we wait the more quality we’ll get (QA takes time).

Also can we please cut this open source debate. It’s never been a solution except for some very very rare exceptions.

Another fact : number of professional grade floss music software: 0

Can we stop now ?

(teis) #275

the fuck are you on about, man? are you one of those ‘artists’ which’re in need of weekly DAW updates, just to get your motivation mojo flowing or wtf is it with you and your dumb statement to buy taktik out to get renoise open sourced???

it’s been taktik and 2-3 more devs… back then they had the time, nowadays it’s rL consuming their time.

tf r u doin on this forum? get tf outta here!

(LofiMat) #276

No need to yell at people but what a stupid suggestion making renoise open source and buying the main dev out. whats next a iOS free version with one oktave piano roll?

We should be glad also that Taktik finally responded and also is a bit aktiv in here. So not just be helpfull and report urgent bugs or good suggestions for the next update which he might be working on just now anyway.

(Bungle) #277

WTF, no wonder non of the old guys post here anymore.

(teis) #278

i even am one of the very first guys…

(ffx) #279

I am a fan of Taktik since his interview at :rocket:

At internet archive:

(Tumulte) #280

We got to give credit to the devs : it’s old, rarely updated… but it’s rock solid. Astonishingly so even !

I’ve tried to move to Bitwig… aaaand I couldn’t use some of my favorite plugins (cracks and pops all over the place…)

The more updates you make, the more likely you are to break something.

Meanwhile we can rely on tools (THIS is crowd sourced and very close to open source).

So yeah, be patient, dig the software. Remember the days when people had to use only a couple of hardware and a tape machine : the best music comes from instrument you’ve dug and bent through and through.


:smiley: Looks like i’ve bought and got into Renoise at a near-perfect time.

(Fabrice) #282

Thanks for the link to the interview! :grinning:

(Meef Chaloin) #283

Adios then if they are like all like you. Lame troll.


If you people are going to troll each other (and just generally annoy because of boredom) at least try to do it with some real finesse.
Maybe one day a version of Renoise will come with a cool FPS counter in the upper status bar :slight_smile:

(ffx) #286

CPU: 666.66% FPS: -1 on Apple macOS

(Jesse Schilling) #287


(LofiMat) #288

So no future news yet. I bet that unkle TakTik is just working on some modular sauce for our next update. Wich is very cool because Buzz wasnt that bad to be honest, also not as good as Renoise is but still good.:sunglasses:


For reference: