Any news from the dev-team?

Also some functions like block loop are by default mapped to numpad keys only.

I guess you could just plug one of those:

When they’re back in action, the IPv6Buddy Hex keypad might be exactly what you’re looking for.


I love the use of stock models to show off the pad, hilarious either by design or unintentionally. What a great numpad

a new update this year?

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I assume so. Pretty sure they are beta testing? Some ppl are running a version newer than the current release… see here: Mutant Breaks [lucky] #13 - #125 by Jonas


Ah cool. Secretly updating without info. cool!

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M1 / ARM support is a very exciting news! can’t wait to try it


new website also coming? :slight_smile: Looking for a Drupal expert to update the Renoise main website. Do you know someone?


can we expect a new renoise in 2022?


Are we far from at least the open beta of ARM version?

I am sure it’s over.
There is some important stuffs what I waiting for but unfortuanaly I / we can forget about it.

? what do you know?

I’m going out on a limb here but I’d say yes.

I like this idea… especially the combi of what the other folks said:
a nice pre-packaged pi in a keyboard + soundcard…

be a great starting kit to give electronic music lessons to kids / teens…
make a nice booklet… divide it over few weeks… great …

up to now, it was a tough sell… as kids needed laptops, thats always an iffy thing.

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is there chance to share if it is plan to have sandbox bridge between m1 and rosetta versions(like in Reaper and Bitwig?)

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We’ll be lucky if the 3.4 update comes out this year lol, but yeah, the update will be worth the wait :slight_smile:

What does this mean ? that it will be easier to make renoise work together with with other daws?

It means that there’s a new Renoise-version coming.

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