Any News On Rewire Implementation?

Hi Folks,
just wondering has anybody heard any news on rewire implementation in renoise 1.9? I’ve just downloaded the beta, but no rewire yet iot seems… still 1.9 still is looking pretty sweet!! ^_^
any thoughts welcome! oh BTW anyone here wrting tracks using spped one? I’ve started playing around with it and I seem to be haing trouble getting loops in time with it for some reason. I’m sure I’m overlooking something, I’m using loops from 176bpm to 196bpm! :)

Rewire Licence only allows Rewire-Support in “some sort of company”-created programs. As Renoise ain’t no company, there’s no rewire-support allowed.

On the other hand, maybe I am wrong

no, taktik recently replied to a similar thread that this is nomore a “valid excuse”. there is no plan to include Rewire capabilities in Renoise at the moment, but this is not a negative thing: a negative thing would be “a plan NOT to include Rewire has been definitely stated”

ah well… one can dream. :rolleyes: Well I suppose its back to using a midi sync so… I know revisit is an option, so how come it has rewire capabilities? Is it a license thing? Just curious btw nothing else!! :)

If you use OS X, you don’t need Rewire, use the IAC driver:

Using the Inter-Application Communication (IAC) driver

You can set up the IAC driver to allow MIDI applications to transfer information to each other. For example, you might have a MIDI keyboard application send its MIDI data to another MIDI synthesizer application.

To use the IAC driver, you turn on the driver, then specify the number of busses you want for your applications. Each bus (sometimes referred to as a port) provides a source and a destination which will appear in your MIDI applications. You then specify that one application use the bus as destination and another use the same bus as a source. For example, one application sends information to Bus 1 as a destination and another application receives that information from Bus 1 as a source. Thus, one application sends information to a bus and another application receives data from it.

To configure the IAC driver:

  1. Open Audio MIDI Setup.
  2. Click MIDI Devices.
  3. Double click the IAC Driver icon.
  4. In the IAC Driver Properties dialog, click the “Device is online” check box to turn on the driver.
  5. If you want to configure the connections, click More Information then click Ports.
  6. If you need more than one bus, click Add Port to add the busses you want.
  7. Specify the number of MIDI in and MIDI out connectors for each bus.
  8. Click Apply.

Dac = God

Thanks! But I’m using renoise on XP, I have a mac but it’s too slow (600MHZ) to run cubase/live & renoise…
Maybe I’ll start have a peak at Revisit… and there is also rendering tracks to disk as an option… hmm ^_^

On Windows you can do the same with either MIDI Yoke ( or Mapple MIDI ( instead of using the IAC bus.

cool, I saw the stickie about this so I will investigate further! ^_^ . BTW what way can you end up capturing the audioout of renoise into cubase? or do I need to record them seperatley? ;) thanks again!

Another one is LoopBE1, which has proved itself to be the most stable and accurate driver on my computer system.

-1 for rewire

yeah it would be very useful to use rewire to sync max/msp with renoise :)

i have a max patch for syncing with a rewire daw that would probably work right off the bat with renoise, then.

i guess i could look into midi sync, too though, its just that rewire was the more obvious choice for that particular application within max.


yeah that sounds somewhat plausible … but then similar licensing troubles are a barrier for VST support in open source linux daws, so I’ve heard

if renoise has no problem with VST, it maybe it would be similar with rewire?

probably so but I think the issue isn’t a technology problem, I’d say it might revolve around the licensing of rewire to another vendor maybe? I’m only guessing here… :)

and +1 for Renoise VSTi

+1 to either. Being able to integrate renoise with a DAW or ableton… or modular synthesis (yes, Max/MSP or plogue Bidule or synthedit) would be incredibly useful. I suppose VSTi is slightly more supported than ReWire so I would lean in that direction as well… one can dream for now ;)

yeah… running Renoise alongside fruityloops or another pro seq would be a mind ascending moment :) dreaming already