Any news on the "new project" ?

We’re doing little work on Renoise right now, mainly small clean-ups and bug fixing and have started some other project a while ago too. That we’re doing something else doesn’t mean that Renoise is dead. I think it will benefit Renoise and Co in the long term.


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I care because you do.

i think its a video editor !


I’ve never seen that tread before. Quite interesting. I kind of like the idea of a program being “done.”


What a nice theme, Redman. Is it the redux theme?

What a nice theme, Redman. Is it the redux theme?

Tis indeed the redux theme

Im hoping and praying for a Hardware controller or stand alone Renoise controller

Your faith may well be tested then, there is no way it is a hardware controller for Renoise hahaha

It’s a video fx editor with pattern commands. Though there will be only a letter for each clip, no preview graphics, so you won’t get sidetracked from content.

In reality they are just updating renoise big time, with all features ever suggested on the forums until 2017-4-20 when they decided to lauch the development space capsule to get away from all those annoying customers to be able to focus on development on the speed their coffe machine dictates.

well, it is not an easy task, so we all will have to prove some more patience dealing with it, …yeah, I mean, we deal with it, don’t we?

v3.2 will rulez da world…

…but only if it comes to us before the end of any organic life on earth!

praying for a audio / video tracker

Not sure where all the religious bizzo comes from round here lately, but your praying will be in vein, releasing an audio/video tracker would be even more silly than releasing a sampler, yes the Renoise developers have a poor record of choosing what to release, but i think this time they want to make some money and buy food.

Apparently, the new project has to do with audio, not video.But since there is nothing official, it is all speculation.

@FFX,Who told you that it is a video editor?

Possibly they are developing something like this, speculating:

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Personally, I do not care about the new project. I wish Renoise would advance.Look outside. The Internet is full of new projects continuously.But there is only one DAW crawler that could be something much bigger, and now, it is abandoned.

Are you really interested in the new project?Is not it rather that you will want it to end so that they continue to advance with Renoise?That’s what I want, at least… --> :drummer: watch the logo!

a vertical piano roll please

Pure speculation, but I think it could be a vsti synth. I remember the guys at Synapse Audio (of Orion and Dune fame) saying once that plugins are where the money is at. Unfortunately they completely stopped work on their DAW, Orion and focused on their synths. But I don’t think it will stop Renoise which never really seems to have been about the money. Something granular would be really cool and could integrate well into Renoise’s sample-based architecture - not to mention help fill a gap left when Camel Audio left the PC market and took Alchemy with them. I hope it’s something like that, but I have no idea. Just leaving that as a hint to Taktik in case he ever gets bored :wink:

You’re all wrong it’s actually a perpetual motion machine. Here’s a rough diagram.