Any Plans To Improve The Interpolation?


Yeah… actually not much else…

Are there any plans to improve the interpolation during playback and mixing stage of the songs?

What are you talkin’ about willis? Isn’t it perfect enough right now?

I think these references show the results when using Argurus sinc algorithm that is only availabe for rendering.

Dont know if youve found this. Just pointing it out.

In the sample properties area you can choose interpolation on individual samples:

  1. none
  2. linear
  3. cubic


Maybe it’s a better idea to try and describe the problem you are experiencing, ideally with some kind of audio example which clearly highlights what is happening.

yeah… the problem is a lack of definition in the high frequencies. There is something missing in the sound of Renoise when composing. This stuff becomes quite crystal clear if you play a synth on for example fruityloops and the switch to renoise and test the same preset.

perhaps I should post some audio examples yeah…

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This stuff becomes quite crystal clear if you play a synth on for example fruityloops and the switch to renoise and test the same preset.

Sorry if this is a silly question, but are you talking about a VSTi synth here? Or something which is sample-based?

The interpolation should have absolutely no effect on the output of a VSTi synth, only on samples which are used within Renoise itself.

If it is a VSTi, all I can think of is to check that both Renoise and Fruity are running at the same sample rate. Obviously a higher sample rate will result in better high frequency response when using VSTi synths.


What version of fruity are you running? I have version 6 here, and it sounds pretty similar to me / can’t hear any difference in frequency, tho fruity is somewhat louder in db. Maybe you have affinity with what sounds the loudest?

I don’t think rendering will give you a good comparison (with dithering / rendering options etc) / you should record both outputs

Hm there is enough comparison on using the renoise itself with just the different interpolations that are available only when rendering :)

I’ll try to make something this weekend…

and btw. I noticed this was really evident when running the Virus TI synth, but because it has to be used through the analog inputs and not in VSTi mode it can ofcourse be that my delta1010 has its own effect on it. The patch or samples in use needs to have lots of high end so it’s easier to spot the difference.

That would definetly happen with the TI, running it through the Delta’s inputs, but it shouldn’t happen with VSTi’s or anything… They’re just sending numbers straight to the outputs - there won’t be any filtering or anything happening there…

Only other explaination would be if you had Renoise set to a different sample rate.

As far as straight sound quality goes, Renoise is top of the food chain… Although there’s definetly a psychological effect with the dark backdrop… I often feel Renoise sounds darker than things like Live and Logic - only to make recordings and compair, and find no such thing

I think the difference between using the argurus sinc and the normal interpolation in renoise that is in use when composing is quite evident… but yeah.

I’ll try to make some comparison tests here… it could well be psychological and you could be right :)

Well, most people would call it subtle, but to the best of my knowledge it’s only affecting samples played back from within Renoise… As soon as you’re using any sort of VSTi it’s out of the equation…

But no, when you use the TI through the Delta’s inputs of course it’ll sound different… Certainly darker… But that’ll be down to both the Delta’s inputs and the Virus’ outputs… I actually prefer the Virus sound out the analogs - they’re nicely tweaked, gives it a warmer, smoother sound… But the Delta’s not got the best inputs… If you see their frequency response mapped you see quite a bit of warping up at the top.

For mid-range and bassy sounds it won’t be an issue - I use the analog in’s by choice on the whole.

yeah that could well be the issue… I remember playing with TI and samples from the TI… :) So… that quite well covers the issue :) Guess there is no problem here anymore…

Im about to ask a stupid question which may have been asked elsewhere, but what about “render selection to sample”? What level of interpolation does that use?