Any Renoise User On Msn?


Inspired by a topic asking for people on MySpace, how about people on MSN?

Any Renoise Users are welcome to add me:

spokelset ed hotmail dot com

Lets make music!

Great idea!

knassak ed hotmail dot com <-- add

(edit vvoois: We have msn spambots as well)


sharku666 at hotmail dot com

well, I can offer MSN, Skype, ICQ and even meebo :)

MSN: mrs_upex at hotmail dot com
ICQ: 313264460
Skype: marc.shake ;)

Feel free 2 add me

navylicious ed hotmail dot com

don’t ask about the email address…was short notice for a spam site, but I use it for login anyway.

So far, I have been added by one of you ;) Anyway - IF I am really online, I am usually in irc:// :)

ohmegav ed hotmail dot com

weaselbusters at hotmail dot com