Any Renoise Users On Myspace?

Everyone’s favorite neo-conservative teenage wasteland and whore pile. I’m on it, are you?

Add me? Add you?

I opened an account very briefly but never use it. Was mainly so I could stick a couple of tracks up there but I opened the wrong type of account. In the faq they say to email the webmaster if you want your account changed to a muscians account, so I did that to no reply.

Anyway it’s bare as f**** but it should be:

Can’t check if the link works at the moment as myspace is banned from work… (ooo seems SurfControl is off today for some reason. Time to get on all the porn sites and infect works computers ;) )

I also have one. Haven’t used it much. Friends keep pestering me to add photos.

I was not even aware they had a section for musicians…

Yeah you can upload up to 4 tracks or something like that. It’s the ‘artists’ section iirc, but you have to create your account from that area to get it automatically, which is sill imo…

I have a regular myspace account, i didn’t bother to mail the webmaster to transfer it to a musician-account when they added the bands pages to it so created a new one.

But i don’t really do much with it.



At last I’ve registered myself on MySpace.

Check it out, add me as a friend and post a comment, thats an order! ;)

Unfortunately I have not yet uploaded any music… but soon.



I’m here:


will add all of you sometime today.

httP:// all tunes there are made on renoise :)

yeah, even listen in my sig. ;)

Add new songs quasi-frequently.

Amen to that.

We hate teh myspace.

Damn the 6 Mb upload limit on myspace. I dont want to cut my music! damn it!

You may go here…

Or you can do what I did and drop the mp3 quality down, right down, so your songs sound like an old flabby goat.

Yeah, and that’s just what I want! :P
No. But I’m thinking of getting another player to my profile. Like a Java based…

New Myspace-thread? Ok here is mine:…iendid=70273422

AT LAST!.. I’ve now got two songs uploaded on my myspace. Enjoy!

better believe it