Any Sci-Fi lovers in here :)

hi people can anyone recommend me cool movies from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s …weird underground sci fi movies

horror stuff and whatever shit you like actually…im experiencing thw longest artist block i ever had :(…and im so freaking sad and depress all of the time…:frowning:

help a friend here…

recommend me music too…:slight_smile:

Perhaps you can take a look at Philip K. Dick’s novels.

Many of them have been adapted on movies: Screamers, Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report…
Don’t know if it is this kind of movies you are looking for?

Perhaps you can take a look at Philip K. Dick’s novels.

Many of them have been adapted on movies: Screamers, Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report…
Don’t know if it is this kind of movies you are looking for?

bro i love his stuff “A Scanner Darkly” its been influential a lot to me and of course blade runner. thanks man

You only need to watch one movie to get back on track: Thing 1982)

Then if you’re in a bizarre mood: 1999)

If that wasn’t bizarre enough for you and you haven’t seen these, then you’re in for a treat: Taste 1987 & Brain Dead 1992)

Hardware (; A Boy and his Dog (

Night Watch ( andDay Watch ( for freaky cool visuals . (Those are from the 21 C. )

Can’t think of too many horror films. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was well done. (

For more weird-dream stuff, almost anything from Jean Cocteau, but especially Orpheus ( andBeauty and the Beast (La belle et la bête ) ( .

There’s a DVD version of that last one that has a Phillip Glass soundtrack as an option.

One problem with such requests is it’s hard to know what someone else thinks is “weird underground.”

I tend to assume, for example, that most people know of Eraserhead, but maybe not.

(More info:

thanks guys a lot of awesome material in here …i think im going to start watching from the top…:slight_smile:

Yes, Stalker is seriously fascinating. I found the full movie here:

Yes, Stalker is seriously fascinating. I found the full movie here:

Higher quality version, with subtitles in several languages.

The City of Lost Children will really bake your noggin, as will Waking Life. Harrison Bergeron is a great short story by Kurt Vonnegut that was adapted into a pretty decent TV movie.

But hey, man, if you’re depressed and lonely, don’t forget to get out, go for walks or a bike ride, visit a dog park, eat some fresh fruit & veggies, get some sleep, go on a photo scavenger hunt – take care of yourself! Depression is a sign that your body’s not getting what it needs, so don’t stay in the dark basement watching vids and Renoising ALL THE TIME, ok?

Take it from me – I’ve been there, and getting good sleep, exercise, and nutrition are the best way to shake off your funk. Staying inspired and surprised by life helps a lot too.

Hang in there!

Sorry to hear that man, some good advice on here - talk to people, do volunteer work, definitely dont stay in the house with the curtains shut all day - we’ve all been there.

This site has a great selection of films to inspire you

Welt am Draht is an exzellent suggestion. I must be ancient or missing something…

Logans Run

THX 1138

Dark Star

Dark Star and one spliff please.

Soylent Green



Collosus: The Forbin Project

Demon Seed

SIlent Running


  1. Melancholie der Engel

Not for everyone and very grim and ethereal and obsessed with death and decay, possibly bad for any sort of depression, but the background OST is very nice and the visuals while jarring and the story really weird, it has a sort of serenity and beauty to it. I rate it personally 9 stars for the entertainment value I got out of it, and I read literature. It’s not for everybody as I said and it’s borderline insane.

  1. Possession of Michael King

Possibly the best rendition of a demonic possession in terms of what a real life one would look like and what depression and grief makes someone decide which path to take. Grim and gritty and again not really for everyone. Don’t be fooled with its lower budget, think of it like you got your friends camera and you are shocked to see what he went through. It will stay with you for a while.

  1. Mylene Farmer music videos. She is the best selling diva from France but go for her earlier works from the 80s to late 90s, very dark and moody stuff and long movie style videos. I was in love with her for a long time as a fan and still am though have reconciled with those teenage feelings by now (phew… is she hot!!). I was in crazy crush with her vocals and music in my school days and her trippy songs still get me to this day.

  2. Hector Zazou’s collaboration with Katie Jane Garside, Corps Electrified. Very sensual, very bluesy and very electronic and textured. Amazing compositions that blow your mind. Good for a mood boost.

  3. Pilgrimage -9 songs of Ecstasy, a downtempo and spiritual masterpiece of a project with a lineup that reads like a genius census. Still my all time favourite album featuring soprano star Catherine Bott and DJ Spooky, Philip Glass, Ray Manzarena and other world class musicians. The music and text are taken from Hildegard Von Bingen’s writings, she is a 10th century polymath and mystic and a professional nun. She has aristocratic roots and lived in ancient Germany. If I saw a woman like that with such level of talent and giftedness I would fall in love immediately. This CD is released by Hyperion Classics and falls under classical for some reason, even though it sounds more like a Trip Hop album. The title track Pilgrimage has some really kick ass swing that is so cool for a spiritual track, and the pianos and guitar solos are lilting and they lift you above the clouds. Eric Calvi and Simon Cloquet are the main producers but I am unable to find any information on them. A mystery to me. This album effectively increased my musicianship and I can play all the songs on this album since I have been listening to it since 1999 via AudioGalaxy way back when Google was not even invented and I used to visit cracking forums and spend time reverse engineering Windows PE files coming back from school. Those good old days! Found the whole album on YouTube:

Hildegard Von Bingen’s music is very soothing vocal chanting and you will find it calming:

  1. Le Tableau.

Very good French psychedelic animated movie, good story as well quite reminiscent of the matrix but done in a rather fairytale style.

  1. Depression cure- it’s a process that is natural but you still require persistence.

Take bath and care of your hygeine, colder countries have a reputation of not doing this daily (notably France) and good old Eurofunk joke among Americans, for obvious reasons but a bath every other day is really good for your mood. This also involves clearing out your bowel. If you have bowel issues eat lot of fiber- cabbage is my all time favourite and so it is in Germany as well.

Please do not drink coke and soft sugar drinks or even alcohol. These things only cloud your mind and provide a short term release of endorphins, they don’t contribute to your health in any other way. Eat a simple vegetarian diet and reduce meat eating to very minute levels.

Brush your teeth and floss. Take a tablet of Albendazole, which you can get over the counter (take one tablet and chew it, repeat every one month or as needed, stop for atleast 4 months after that) which is a worm killer that will clear out your intestines and keep your guts healthy. Depression can be caused by a lot of factors, just make sure these are not the ones. Process of elimination.

Talk to your close friends and family not only about the problem at hand, but rather just for daily conversation like casual things. If you have ever faced depression to a higher degree you will feel that you have absolutely no interest in anything, even talking to your best friends and even music will feel like a chore. But if you take things in small chunk and help your body heal, the mind will follow.

Wake up early in the morning, even if you don’t feel like it initially, sleep early and wake up early. It does wonders for the body and mind. Sleep in the dark btw and let your mind rest. If it’s insomnia, heavy exercise and a very comfortable and calm sleeping environment is all you need.

Sometimes sex can give you that boost you need to carry on to the next phase, so if you have women in your life then use them or get one and practice safe sex. It’s a proven way to better health.

Read the Bible and pray, visit church if it’s on your way of things.

Lastly a very bad suggestion- play the Ouija board and let demons enter your life, just kidding. Make sure you never play anything occult out of loneliness or depression, it can potentially destroy your God gifted life. These things exist and I have personal experience with them, they are not your garden variety creatures, they will stick with you and can be very tricky to get rid of.

Sunlight is a very important factor and is the source of all life on earth. Please go out and get your daily dose of morning sunlight. It will make your bones stronger and mood better and mind sharper. Your days will fill with solar powered energy. End of the day we are all solar powered machines. Get your fill today, before stocks finish!!

all of you guys thank you very much im feeling pretty ok now but this thread its an interesting way of know each other likes …all of this film recomendations are awesome im currently watching a lot of this stuff :slight_smile: think its great

Philosophy of a knife was a great watch in my college days, especially the ebola blood diarrhoea scene and the breaking of the frozen legs scene and the facial skinning as well as the cockroach inside the vagina scene. The vaginal disembowelment is also a very weird kind of scene almost like making beef mince meat. The dental extraction scene is also kool. It’s not really that bad however, it’s cringy but it’s done with lower production values which is exactly why it looks kinda realistic. The ost is mostly industrial noisecore adding to the mood. Good entertainment value but God does it take time or what…

It’s very reminiscent of what the crazy Nazi doctors used to do on helpless jewsish prisoners like burning genitals and suffocation experiments.

Barring art movies a LOT of snuff movies are really hard to watch if you can find them. Live shooting, real disembowelment, drug cartel violence with live mutilation and torture, suffocation sex and live death by asphyxiation are just some to watch out for. Satanic ritual videos, animal crushing videos, pillow fights done with real babies(I mean goodness gracious, how low can humans get really!) And the injuries to look at later is truly heart rending.

There is a website that specialises in accident and mutilation vids. It’s free and it’s a regular site called

You can find it via Google itself. Search for drug violence videos and get ready to have your mind blown off. I could be banned or warned after I post this but I won’t post any links for sure. I hope the moderators don’t take it down just yet.

But ya there are a lot of such sites, genuine demonic and ghost videos as well, I saw some on YouTube that were taken down for some reason, one where it’s really really genuine stuff, totally freak worthy. It’s worth your time to search all this , but for God’s sake do not watch too much of all this. I happen to have seen the real stuff and even though I can stomach all this(real demons and ghosts too), I soon realised that it’s as unhealthy as it gets, after the entertainment value drops off, the repitition and insanity comes to the front and that is when you begin to see things for what they really are. Especially the repitition factor, they all look the same after a while, and that’s when it starts truly bothering you. Like a live version of hell, different mechanisms all leading to the same thing. I used to have really elaborate lucid dreams about constantly shape-shifting scenarios and demonic faces and highly creative transition and morph FX between those ugly visions that would give hell an Oscar in the Fx category. Needless to say I stopped right after those things started to look real, like when I was seeing a glass of water I could see shapes moving. The problem with all this negativity is that it attracts further negativity and like resonance it builds after a while. Don’t get suckered into all this. Jesus is the truth, the way and the life. He is your maker and protector and father. He has already saved you so it’s our duty to uphold that privilege and focus on the good things in life like Renoise and music :slight_smile:

BEGOTTEN is a weird horror movie, no dialogs, b&w ugly images, almost monochromatic, low frame rate, just strange sounds, etc…

But it is a movie, so no problem, you can watch it, it is a singular experience…

Men Behind the Sun is also a quite gory and exploitative movie.

@Renoised, I totally agree with you and your sentiments. The movie is an artistic expression and not a news documentary or a cctv capture or a police file case video. But the world is filled with vermin whether one likes it or not. Knowing what is out there can also save you if you know what to avoid.Of course it’s not easy for everyone and most of all the victims (I can’t re-see some of those videos…sheesh, so bad sometimes), and I truly feel for them. You must imagine what the police folks must be going through when they discover and sift through piles of paedophilia pic and video hard drive dumps and cctv evidences that can literally shake one up. They have to go through counselling and even psychiatric help many a times. One undercover cop came on BBC recently and told his story of how he uncovered massive corruption in the police departments and that left him scarred and he went for psychiatric help. It’s really that bad when you confront the evil in this universe. Malachi Martin, the well known and respected Jesuit and Exorcist says the same thing that something dies in one’s soul after a direct battle with an evil force. It’s just already there in nature around us, to can’t avoid it but you can deter it, contain it and confront it. Knowing is the first step.

SAVAGE RELIGIONS (Le Dernier Cri collective - French/acid/animation/underground)

Thirty artists from eleven countries have created a visual trip to hell that was inspired by the devotion pictures of the La Major cathedral in Marseille. This absurd mix of stiles is close to the Art Brut. The ugly, blasphemous and obscene work stresses out the often anarchic side of the animation film and is easily incorporated into the complete works of the artists collective Le Dernier Cri, which was founded in 1993 in Marseille.