Any Sci-Fi lovers in here :)

Another good one I’m thinking about is that french weird animation sci-fi movie from 1973 by René Laloux, with psyche musics and all sort of feelings, but very poetic…

TITLE : La Planète Sauvage / Fantastic Planet

You can find it in several languages, there is even a 3D version that have been made more recently, and there exists other animations movies by René Laloux if you like it…

Here is the official trailer of 1973:

Andrzej Zulawskis movies are nice and strange


on the Silver Globe

Hiroshi Teshigahara’ - Suna no onna - Woman in Dunes (great Sounddesign, one of my fav. movies)

Letters From A Dead Man

Pi (Ken Ishii Soundtrack )

David Cronnenbergs old movies are great too

saw yesterday malcom and like it, remeber me a little to bad boy bubby or the young poisoners handbook


old strange movie from japan with butoh dancer tatsumi hijikata and his group



the darkest movie, anime series i ever seen, great story and atmosphere about a dying world

many thanks for plague dogs

although watership down is one of my favorite movies, had never heard of the plague dogs …
yes its dark atmospheric and dreary, can easily keep up with pans labyrinth or texhnolyze, very good movie, has messed up my day perfectly
luckily had not seen that as a child, since watership down was already too much for me

not a movie

documentation about alejandro jodorowsky. (holy mountain, el topo) never finished dune, hollywood stole later many ideas from him

Tetsuo -The iron man, prepare to have your mind blown

similar to Tetsuo in full lengh

Pornostar - Tokyo Rampage

disoriented criminal figures in a disoriented movie, very nice

maybe someone knows this song ? (does not appear in the credits)

Beyond the Black Rainbow

Beautiful WTF Science Fiction Movie

80’s 90’s SciFi, and no one mentioned Akira? or Ghost in the Shell?.. I guess those are simply just too obvious anyway :slight_smile:

I still enjoy, and collect, 50’s sci-fi. Some of it was pretty campy, but then there were jewels like the original War of the Worlds, When Worlds Collide, The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Thing all from '51, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Forbidden Planet in '56. :slight_smile:

two sci-fi utopias

like it

“Get Out” is a great scifi film.

I really enjoyed “Okja” as well.

Okja was pretty cool. In the hour long format, Black Mirror is excellent as is the Amazon Prime rendering of Phillip K. Dick’s short stories “Electric Dreams.”

“The Man in the High Castle” was a BIG time disappointment for me.

was also positively surprisedfromy Electric Dreams, hope for a second season with crazier Phillip K Dick’s Storys (example: faith of our Fathers)

oldie but goldie: Wild Palms