Any Suggestions For A Noise Vst


I need a vst that can generate vintage noise, any suggestions?

is there actually a difference between noise from real analog circuits and noise generated by your bog standard noise generator which is builed-in into every wave edito?

after all noise is just randomness, or in other words stochastic distribution of the frequencies in the signal.

im not sure if your right, but i explained myself wrong, i need a “vintage” vinyl noise generator. :P

aha, vinyl is what you want. then hop over to Izotope and get their free vinyl plugin.
it makes several kind of noises, bandpasses and distortes you signal very nice :)
and don’t forget to click on the four screws holding the panel when you use the plug ;)

and about vintage noise … real whiet noise is all frequencies at the same level, analog noise is eq-ed … not so much highs, a boost at a certain frequency and such … generated white noise (like in audiotion) is really not like real noise.

There is noise and there is noise…

Then you also got the everyday noise, like kids in a kindergarten…

so that’s probably why you can also generate pink and brown noise… ;)

execately. however, thats not “real” noise either … but whateva :D

make a VST fx yourself which samples the audio input, and you will have your random noise generator :)

I’m not sure if i understand your question…

I have 15 or so *vinyl wav samples. Play a sample through the whole song and you get the (cracking) sound you want.

I used one of those samples in the intro of my song here in my signature… to the far right. (the sound of an old lp playing - it’s in thefirst 10 seconds)
If that’s what you mean i can give you the samples

that would be awesome tho the reason why i need the vst is because i need to time the “noise”(relative term now) to the bpm.

if ya wanna give me the sample: mail em to jan-erik (at) :)

Ok :P
I found it… its a sample pack:
10 Vinyl noises from turntables starting up/stopping in Wav - 44.1khz - Normalized - Mono

2 questions before i send the pack: how much MB can your inbox handle? (pack is 5MB)
I it ok if I compress the big ones (900kb) to mp3?

EDIT nevermind… the pack is now compressed to 900kb so there’s no probl mailing it.

Thx man, trying em out now :P

If your computer is in a convenient location and has speakers and a sound card, you can open up the website and start the white noise generator.

If you don’t want to use resources on a vst in your song, you/everyone can benefit from using my personal samples.
–> Sharing is caring.

i tend to use these with some volume lfo for a more real sound.

mxb’s script, resynth, has a noise generator built in.

He’s talking about noise as an effect, not a noise-based synth. Think vinyl crackles, tape saturation and hiss, value fuzziness etc.