Any VGM makers here ?

Hi i’m starting to write VG music and need to ask a few questions about emulations of the YM2612 that are on offer at the moment.

I’m using FM Drive which is good but it doesn’t seem to match the punchy sound of say in_VGM when listening to Megadrive / Genesis files.

Are there any decent YM2612 emulations I can use within Renoise ? This is kinda doing my head in as I am a big fan of the Thunderforce IV music but it’s almost impossible to get such a fat / punchy sound using the emulations - Which is weird considering in_VGM IS a plugin !

I even considered going to Deflemask but i don’t want to as i like Renoise better.

So any VG music makers here please chime in, have you used a decent YM2612 emulator? importing TFI files can be a bit hit or miss as I feel they tend to mess up settings as the sound is simply not the same.

I got VOPM working btw but that’s a 2151 emulator though it does sound good, it wont respond to midi mod wheel changes, also i tried the free YM2612 vst but its really buggy and Genny beta vst is ok but unfinished (does sound beefy though)