Any Way To Get Instrument Number In An Iteration

I would like to be able to get the instrument number returned from a pattern iteration. Is this possible as the iterators currently only seem to return note strings or fx column strings?


Trying to get the 02


Could this be helpful?:

for pos,line in pattern_iter:lines_in_pattern_track(pattern_index, track_index) do  
 if not table.is_empty(line.note_columns) then  
 local note_column = line.note_columns[1]  
 local note = note_column.note_string  
 local instrument_number = note_column.instrument_value  
 local volume = note_column.volume_value  
 print ("note:"..note.." Instrument:"..instrument_number.." velocity:"..volume)  

Yes thanks vV! Thats got me in the right direction.