Anybody interested in some free sounds?

Hey. Not sure exactly where to put this thing. But I did a bit of recording over the weekend. I recorded individual hits/plucks of my acoustic guitar, bass, and piano. I recorded the entire range of each of the instruments, but only in the key of Gmaj/Emin. Easy fix though, if you go to the keyzone editor and stretch the e, g, a, c, & d notes up one half step to cover f, g#, a#, c#, & d# or the f#, a, b, d, & e notes down to f, g#, a#, c#, & d# to have a full chromatic scale. OR you can download the first pack and play around with it, tell me what you think and what adjustments I could make.

I plan to record a full chromatic sample pack with a range of velocities, but for now, I thought it’d be nice to start with the basics. Maybe even some useful loops and full chords. Slides and all the other things. Let me know if you’re interested. If you are I will go ahead and upload it. If not I won’t waste my time.

I have been collecting samples of as many instruments in a similar format for quite some time and therefore would definitely appreciate it.
Would it be too much to ask to get them in atleast 44khz/16bit wav?

Sounds great, I hope you do it. I’ve done some similar stuff, including a bunch of basic chords on electric guitar (all in the Downloads section). Keep meaning to go back and record versions of them without the bass note (for proper “comping” effect) and maybe some different fingerings, but haven’t got around to it. But you’ve reminded me, I’ve got several dozen synth patches I’ve been meaning to upload here, said I would a few months ago, will do that over the Xmas holiday, plus make some more, most likely (have my D-50 back from the shop finally so hopefully I can include some classic 80s D-50 stuff too). Holiday boredom and hypomania generally mean “massive sampling project” for me.

Alright. Dunno what the default in Renoise 3.1 is I think 44k flac. I could probably switch it to wav. I use the program fre:ac to convert if I need to. Is there a way to switch the recording specs to wav within renoise? Or would it work for you if I just uploaded an xrns file with all the samples in it?

Nice one, wouldn’t mind downloading those, i want some nice clean low piano notes particularly atm :slight_smile:

Was mainly just after lossless, so flac is fine. As long as the sample rate and bit rate are as previously mentioned I can use it.
Thanks so much for your effort. Appreciate it.