Anybody Tried A Reverb/chorus Box?

Has anyone tried to use a reverb/Chorus dsp-engine?

In my limited experience a really good sound often comes down to
the ambience that you get in the sound of the song.

Is it possible to hook up an external dps say a tc-300? (a reverb)
and use it for trackeffect? or under a “render”?

If so, got any recomendations?

Never mind folks :rolleyes: .
I have educated myself :blink: !
I feel a little embarrest about my question :P

Stupid me! I already knew it! Duh! :walkman:


Go stand in the corner now pls :D

Useless but funny thing I would like to say here…
Funny that in the early days the task was to get a recording sounding like you where at the place where it was made.
today everything is about total control…