Anyone doing FAWM?

Crazy! But I am trying to do this thing… anyone else onboard? The goal is to make 14 tunes in 28 days - you can read more here:

I have one finished track done so far, and 3 more in the pipeline. If I can have 4 tracks done by the end of the week, I will be on track to make it :)

First track:


reading, listening, … awesome
love the drums on that track, keep doing this!! ±D

no, but Im doing RPM for the fourth year in a row, basically the same thing but apparently slightly less hard-core: 10 songs or 35 minutes in 28 days.
I did my last three RPM albums all in renoise, here’s last year’s album written by me and paul back and forth in renoise with all native renoise effects and instruments. “mastered” subtly in reaper just to get roughly even levels between songs:

Wow. If I only had time to spare, I would be on board 100%. My day job is draining too much energy the last couple of months.

Fantastic song(Pulse)!!!
Looking forward to the whole lot at the end of the month. Keep us posted? :)

A great moment to finish all those starters that keep lurking for attention.

Pulse is very good. :)

Thanks for kind feedback dudes! Doing FAWM should be mandatory for all Renoise users… I have no idea why, but it should be :)

Next track, again with awesome Marthe on vocals:

Klaus #2

Wanted to try again, but like previous years, I’m just failing miserably. I feel like so much stuff lands on my shoulders in February.

I just make march an IRL impossible month instead ;)

is the site down (not up) for anyone else?

(edit: nevermind; now it’s back up again. now i’ll have to check out the vinnie vincent forums to see if they’re back online, too. yep, crisis averted…)

(fawm bump…)

Pulse is beter than stay in my opinion.

Smooth B) B) B)
Lovin’ it :)

Love the crunchy drums on pulse. Great structure too. bit of 90s nostalgia going on as well ;)