Anyone Else Making Psychedelic Styles With Renoise?

Just curious if anyone else other than me makes psychedelic music with Renoise :D

maybe we could collaborate or something :D

my stuff

also if an9yone would like tips on making psytrance in renoise feel free to ask me :D if i dont know i know where to find out :D

this guy makes really pro psy trance with renoise tracker

…you give tips or ask for tips? :rolleyes:

What music ISN’T psychedelic? O.o

i havent figured out an answer to that …

I just was wondering if anyone else uses Renoise for specifically psychedelic trance, I havent run into very many others in the psytrance world who are…

Its a whole can of worms debating what is and isnt psychedelic, lots of stuff that gets labeled psytrance isnt really too psychedelic to me, and liek you said theres psychedelia in all music :D

BUT my intent was really to see if anyoe else is using Renoise to make music that falls into the blanket category ‘psychedelic dance/ambient’, IE psy-scene styles, trance mainly… Guess I should have been more specific :P

as bornaa already pointed out, this is the guy you are looking for.

Uh, both? I know i dont know everything, but i know how to make my music in Renoise, the way i do it :P so i can give tips that way

do you think my stuff could use work, is that why you ask?

Im getting the vets-talking-to-quaint-n00b vibe for some reason

I am kind of a hybrid between Coldwave, EBM, and ElectroIndustrial. :panic:

I make some psychedelic, but not that kind. Im more influenced by experimental rock psychedelica.

i’m trying my hand on PSYSTEP right now hahaha :walkman:

I use Renoise to try and make acid rock.

Yeah, add me in to the list of Renoise Psytrancers.