Anyone Ever Tried "g-sonique Xbass 4000 L"

Anyone ever tried “G-Sonique XBass 4000 L”? :D

It’s amazing for making your trance kicks/bassdrums really deep with dynamics and such.
This is what i was looking for all the time. Because even when i selected a bassdrum that sounded good on itself it was missing something extra, and that was the deep punch behind it.

I tried the demo and im definately going to buy it its only 15 euro’s…

Anyone else knows more good enhancers for bassdrums?


havent tried that one,but theres also whitelabels baddass,that do a similar thing

you could always … EQ — compress — maximize … yunno

although bassenhancing plugins may sound cool on your home hi-fi set, live in a club is another story (I’ve once read some stories about this on kvr about waves r-bass plugin). Maybe good idea to check some metering vst as well.

Well the problem is that i can make really good sounding synths for example when using Nexus VSTi it sounds really professional (dont need to do anything it just always sounds perfect). But in renoise the bassdrums just lacks punch and clearness of the sound. no matter what i try with compressors maximizers exciters harmonizers eq limiters distort etc, you name em. it just doesnt sound deep and clear enough like in professional or commercial songs. That always have been a major problem for me in Renoise.

In renoise with the bassdrum its always like its either too soft, but when you raise bassdrum and the bassdrum finally sounds good and you enable the other channels then the other channels are like fading out in soundquality and volume because of the bassdrum.

I don’t think for example this would happen in Reason , Fruityloops or Cubase that fast. A friend of mine used Reason in the past his bassdrums always sounded perfect together with synths etc. but in Renoise its like a big mastering fight to make it sound right :D i’m not sure if its the Renoise mixing-engine that’s lacking or something like that (if such even exist).

But i love Renoise and i find this program the best one for me since i always worked with trackers. i’m too lazy to learn another audio-composing app anyway :D

Maybe its just a simple thing that i just don’t know like filtering out specific frequencies? Because i also heard you need to filter out the bad for your ears frequencies in a song and maybe other frequencies that basically destroy’s the overall soundquality of the song. and then boost the correct frequencies.

I got this link a couple of days ago on KVR. There is a section of links on drums that may be worth looking at, not been through it all myself however……rumid=48&s=

yo trackah, you just need more try-outs of different dsp (mastering)chains till you find the sound you’re looking for. Put in more work. Some of the problems you’ve stated, other folks here have no problem achieving, although ‘professional sound’ is a subjective statement and differs per genre and I’m not sure what you’re exactly looking for.

About your basskicks drowning out the mix, this sounds like it could be fixed easily with a good compression chain & mixing. If you take a look at some of the demo songs that come with Renoise you can see some elaborate chains to achieve a sound. You don’t necessarily need this when you have a couple of good vst’s. Maybe for your sound, you need sidechain compression? That isn’t available as of yet natively unfortunately, though there are vsts that can help out.

How does your current mastering chain look like? Do you use a multiband compressor/limiter? What vst’s do you use compression wise?

That is the first thing that cropped into my mind. I know there are some tutorials on here on how to get it working with Renoise but I am yet to do so myself although I do hear the need in my own pieces at times.

@ trackah,

it sounds like a mixing problem. the thing to remember is that your friend using reason is mixing a completely different track with different elements so you cant really compare unless you are mixing the exact same track in renoise.

if raising the kick kills other elements then its probably a clash of frequencies, the lows add up and overpower the rest of the mix making it sound quiet.

the trick is to balance the elements, and have each instrument sit in its own space in the mix frequency wise, which is why jonas and kazacore suggested sidechain compression. fundamentally tho, sidechaining will just cut out one instrument’s frequency to allow another’s in the same range to come through. so it actually comes back to making space.

so you might want to either pick a different kick, altho i’m guessing you wont want to do that, or you could pick a different bass sound, which is probably what is adding up with your kick.

and yeah filtering and eqing would help you out alot there. i used to have the same problem until i understood what eq was all about.

Maybe its your soundcard, or your monitor setup. I never have any problem with bass frequencies or transients in Renoise.