Anyone Have This Snare Sample?

does anyone have a snare sample like this only i want it to be clean, this one have some noise that i dont want.


Have you tried applying a filter envelope/EQ envelope to it to remove the noise? It’s a good habit to get into not only for cleaning up samples, but also improving them. (If you have tried, disregard this message.)

yeah, i tried to edit the noise out but now i found some other snare sample in my library that fit right in… so never mind…

thanks anyway!

i have this cd with ~800 snares… bound to be in there i guess… :)

want it?

i ripped it and comes in at only 29 mb.



ps. ooh…i see you found it…anyway, offer still stands. :)

samples are always welcome :) but do you have some place to upload them?

here ya go.

let me know if you got the file.



downloaded the file… thanks alot! ^_^

hey Mlon! lots of cool snares here. from what CD did you rip them?

do you know if they are royalty free? I guess if not, it will be hard to get busted for using them anyway,
but some of them are very ‘distinct’ and could be easily recognized by the creator.

anyway, thank you for letting us download it :)