Anyone Here Urt?

Do any renoiser’s play UrT (Urban Terror - free online FPS based on Quake 3 engine, imo the finest mpfps in existence, and it’s effing free.)

If so

  1. renoise clan?
  2. nicknames?

Me and my LAN group never did like the Q3 engine as much as UT engine. I’ve never heard of this one, but it looks pretty sweet. I’ll have to try it out

Counter Strike LIVES!!!

No, I don’t play. I tried it a couple of years ago. Looks good enough to try again.

I was a shit player though.


UrT is a revelation. I couldn’t believe it was free. The community is great, and the game engine and maps make it completely addictive. I think it’s the best online fps out there if you are into semi-realism (i.e. no railguns etc).

Be wicked if a few of you want to form a clan. Keep me posted. I am currently getting my face shot off as “staggerlee”.

Well, I’m hooked. I’m a crap player though.

What server do you play on? I’m conner_bw in there, as on here.

I’m “staggerlee”. I’m pacific northwest so I go on the Seattle servers. I particularly like Seattle TDM, Urban Terrorists (b3), Seattle [TLC], Beer Garden, and $heila Divine. Basically, anywhere where I can get sub-100 pings. Meet up if you like. I think you can search for users. I will check for you next time I am on.

PS there are some Quebec servers and I got good speed on them, so I bet you can get good speeds on Seattle if you have a decent connection. I’m in Victoria, BC>