Anyone In Here Use Two Screens?


I know some of you got some major equipment for music-producing.

But who uses two screens, and what is it good for? And HOW do you do it?

Reason I’m asking is that I got an extra screen, and it’s just dusting down.
Would be awesome to hook it up to the PC.

lol, are you kidding ? hook that one up immidiately, it’s such a leap in usability and workflow-speed …

honestly, I am so sick everytime I make music on my laptop because I only have this one screen and open (for example) a VST window, change a value, close it again, edit something in renoise, open the VST window again ten seconds later etc., working with Renoise and Reaktor or Energy with one screen is pure hell, if you edit a track and have to change stuff in a VSTi with a big gui and some VST-FX with smaller GUIs you can arrange them on two screen and wont have to drag/close any of them, the same if you edit a sample outside renoise, look for something on your harddrive etc, etc.

apart from music, working on a website with your texteditor/graphic-program on one screen and your HTML Editor on the other is great, most programs have those “palettes” now which you can drag on your second screen leaving you with a huge, empty main window on your mainscreen, dreamweaver, photoshop or flash are nearly not usable with one screen.

Ofcourse you can alt-tab around or use the taskbar and it may not seem much to open/close a window when you need it, but it’s really great to have all this stuff in your eyesight all the time and it just saves alot of time.

I really suggest to just hook this up, you will automatically find ways to use that second monitor and wont go back after some time, I promise.

edit:oh, btw : check this, background of one of my myspace pages, reaktor and renoise running.

I had once up to 3 monitors in my studio which I used with Cubase. I gave it up since it did not seem to help at all in my music making :) That kind of set up is fine on such systems that support saving accustomed viewports. I think renoise does not have this yet, so (/and if renoise supports dual monitor setups) you’d have to set your system up everytime you open a song since it’d not be saved.

If it doesn’t work in renoise at least you could enjoy some videos running on the second screen while composing :) heh…

I think pvcf posted a screenshot a while ago with renoise scaled to 2 monitors (using tft displays). I have only CRT displays and the border of the two monitors in the middle is too big to do that, but as I said I just open VST windows and drag them on the second monitor. Renoise does not save this configuration yet and is indeed itself made for one screen-usage, but thats not a problem for me.
I am much into sound-mangling and constantly have some vst-windows open, or maybe the manual of some specific VST, also generally if I open renoise there are some other programs running like audition or loophorse or some wav2midi converter or similar … if you are not working like this and most of the time just have renoise open this might indeed be rather useless to you … but maybe this way you see some more possibilities, who knows.

however, a few other suggestions : you could have renoise and an IM or IRC program open, enabling you to take a quick glance whats going on on #renoise or if that message that just popped up in your IM is important or not, without having to switch away from renoise.

I would really just give it a try if you have a multi-head gfx card and it’s not a big problem to set up. google for “use two monitors with windows xp” or something, there are alot of detailed guides on how to set this up, atleast it sped my workflow up quite abit, not only with music.

i use a laptop (which is "15.4) and an LG "21 TFT screen connected to it.
it helps alot for me, so i can go with renoise on the main screen and vst stuff and wavelab, recycle!, ableton and so on on the other screen.

i use 2-3 screens currently.
2 21"crts
1 22"widescreen lcd

soon to add a regular projector or possibly a DIY projector to the war room. ;)

the 2 crts goes to the system in my sig, i have the master screen on the left, while typing this in FF2 on the right screen.

i used the left for renoise and the right for albino or reaktor or whatever vsts.

until i changed my setup. atm now i use renoise mostly on another system, which isnt quite cut out for running renoise but until i upgrade. its what im using. it has a faster cpu. thats about it.

i run renoise on the 22" widescreen, (sometimes turned vertically) it sits diagonally in from of my old crts then i run a fft analyzer on the left crt. and ff on the right.

so its a tri-angle i guess. :)

one of these days i’m gonna have to take a look at the source code for synergy an see if i can make sense of it.
cuz i jump from system to system (& in the near future another system) alot.
i use my computers like hardware.

Occationally I use 2 screens. My maximum Resolution on the laptop is only 1280 x 800, so sometimes i expand the desktop to my TV. (40" Widescreen LCD 1280 x720) Instead of just cloning the Desktop to that screen.

Sitting in a bean bag with the laptop in my knee and 40" inch Renoise in front of me, sitting in the perfect sweet spot is nice.

Renoise on the Big Screen, and other stuff on the laptop screen. Mixer, Soundforge, Reason, messenger, or whatever suits your needs. And sometimes vice versa depending on what program I use mainly.

Working area is quite valuable, and it’s nice to have things in front of you without having to “ALT + Tab” your way around.

** For this setup i just wish it could be completely wireless, Or at least just needing the power cable for the laptop. Anyone know any good hardware for sending the screen and sound without cables to my TV and Reciever please throw me a link =)