Anyone Know How To Get A Good Sub-bass?

Other than using the rather nice mda Subsynth(here), what’s the best way to come up with a sub-bass sound? I’ve tried simply pitching a sine wave right down, but that didn’t sound quite right. Strangely enough it’s possible to get a good bass pulse by putting a very low pass filter (-48 dB, with a cutoff of about 0.6 kHz and the resonance whacked up to 80-90%) on an acoustic guitar, but that’s not what I’m looking for either. Does anyone have any other suggestions for getting some warm sub frequencies out of renoise, by using samples or VSTs?

Try FM:ed & synced sine+tri through LP 24db filter in synth1 and send that through slight flanger and compressor in Renoise. Play with cutoff, resonance, saturation & compressor and u’ll be fine eventually.

How about using the synthesis option in SoundForge to create a pure Sine wav? Loop it and you’ve got a nice sub bass.

Then use Vintage Warmer on it as well

If you’re trying to do D&B (my primary style) then grab a decent sine wave and put it through a distortion then play with some low pass filters modified by a slow or fast (depends on type of track) LFO Device.
You can hear a good example of this here:…0Everything.mp3