Anyone Know Of Any Renoise Success Stories?

Which rendered my posts useless so I likewise sent them to oblivion.

No worries M. Korn, no need to apologise mate.

So you use Renoise in your band you say? I’ve downloaded one of your songs. Is renoise your main sequencer? Do you use it for all the vocals? (i.e. do you sample the vocals into Renoise?) Be interesting to know

Renoise is the sequencer … all instrumental stuff (songwriting) is made with Renoise … except the guitars and the vocals - recorded with another app … and the final mix too …

here is something instrumental … made for a black metal band as cd intro (sorry for the hard cut at the end of this short song - but it’s taken from the original cd and the band started immediatly with their own hard stuff after the intro)


fast done - a simple intro … but the metal-band liked it really realy much … my simple instruction for this intro were: imagine a cold planet and a invasion of the alien-barbarians ;) (or something like this lol)

sorry to judge you (alex & pvcf) but those clips you have sent isn´t music…those are just sounds…sounds for motion pictures and incredible boring just for listening…

oh, sorry. now i just saw that pvcfs track use to be in some film…

what the hell is music? :w00t:

somebody says industrial or techno is music?
what the hell is music? :w00t:
and motion pictures are nothing and only boring without music (better) like this!
what the hell is music? :w00t:
do you know intros of metal cd’s … it’s tradition to do something like this … and FrostMoon Eclipse rocks!!! :guitar:

yep…i just heard that. you don´t have any kind of idea about that one…HA!

music needs a melody … a melody could be simple but … somebody says ryhtm and only percussions is music too … i don’t know … what’s your opinion robert!?

don´t you get? i´m just making fun of you…

oh this topic runs out of the theme … that’s my fault … :(

let’s make something like music :)


sorry, doesnt wanted to entertain you :P
yes, it’s only to underscore a rendered film, i uploaded the track just to show up whats possible in renoise beside the usual techno, trance, drum&base stuff :P
by the way. i loooooove music&scores for motion pictures, but its so damn hard to compose for such stuff, the music MUST BE in the background and fit to the pictures, and you have to mess with zimmer&co but with a minimum of money and time and you have to compose, arrange and orchestrate all by self in time.


intresting score! very ambient!


uh that will need some time , maybe in 10-20 years, but i’m working on ^^
thanx for interest anyway and thanx for moralsupport 8)

Things are looking good for our acts Kalafut & Fygle (progressive) and Anima (trance). Producers are Jan Kalafut and Geir Noroe Fygle, and so far we’ve produced 2 tracks together, Kalafut & Fygle - Lullaby and Fractal Structure - Lost Sequence (Anima Remix).

This summer we’ve been played on internet radiostations and live gigs, with support from Dj’s such as Markus Schulz (resident Dj on Global DJ Broadcast), Perry O’Neil, Thrillseekers, Dj Precision and Niklas Harding.

Lullaby is currently being remixed by Tkac & Haverlik, and our remix of Lost Sequence is up for release on Somatic Sense Recordings, founded by Dj Precision.

The future looks busy for us, with a remix of Tkac & Haverlik coming up along with several brand new tracks and remixes.

Our Website is currently under construction, but be sure to check in every once in a while!

Oh and needless to say, it’s all Renoise :D

Here’s a big one for ya…

I was just on

There’s a recent interview with atmospheric dnb superstar ASC (in the Features section), and it turns out he uses Renoise, a Yamaha CS1X, and little else! :yeah: :drummer: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

i’m releasing music for some italian dance-house music label.

nowadays, i worked on 2 songs:


Hoy Ciccilleju! :lol:
Welcome aboard :)

thank u parsec :)

Full album produced by myself with Renoise only was realeased earlier this year in NY, and is available in many places around the world.

here the pic that appears in the CD (yeah! is Renoise on the screen!)

more info about this release and all samples in MP3 of all tracks on my website

the link to listen the full songs is down because the label changed his site, so go to to listen the real audio files (I need to update that, I know!).

hope you enjoy! :rolleyes: