Anyone Know This Track/author ?

heya, i have a tune came back to my brain, now i am hardly looking for the original mod.

I have make a little tune, which i had in my mind, maybe some one of the ‘old-skool’ modders can remember of the song, and can tell me the name of the mod or the author.

Please Listen

Ok, maybe i forgot some parts or/and it sounds not like the full original, but i guess its close to it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in forward


hmm…seems a bit like ‘hitch.mod’ .
It was a year ago when I asked on this forum if anyone would know it. Never got an answer. But I have good news for you if it’s the mod you were searching for: I still have got it.
Get it! :)

Btw…You played that by heart and just hit the right base note, good job :)

yeah thats the mod…DANGÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ ;)

Thank you very much, by listening it, again i see, that you dont need amazing samples/vst stuff to make awesome music.

Your da man :)

Glad I could help :)

I think you’re speaking about
“We’re the devils” by Walkman.
Made for Twintris, a game by Svein Berge (1990)
The mod roamed around with different names and was used also in Celebration demo by IT (1989) and Ultimate Sinus demo by Complex…
Nectarine, the demoscene-radio, includes that mod in its database for broadcasting…
and yes, when I heard that mod I was SO happy and nostalgic at the same time :)

Wow, Parsec, thank’s a lot!
Just download it by name+artist from here.
Interesting, in this version the sawtooth melody is one octave deeper.

Edit: Actually this version differs a bit more. :)

argh, too late! I’m quite sure I have that module on my Hard Disk at home.

Damn, I’ve listened to “We’re the devils” more than most of the other songs I’ve ever listened to in my life :)

And look where I’ve arrived :)

…just wanted to ask…you even listened to that song? :)

Damn, thats really the tune from twintris… played this game a lot… long time ago :)

when I discovered tracker (1993), Internet was not an option in Italy.

I asked my software reseller for a music program without scores, because I felt some kind of inspiration for music (I just started listening to music about a couple of months before. Thrash metal :yeah: :D)

He gave me three floppies: one with StarTrekker, and two with modules; one of that was were.mod.

Apart from about other 5 floppies I found during the next months, and some others I did with a little 8-bit sampler, I’ve made “music” until 1995 only with samples I ripped from that songs, even when I had a copy of FastTracker I from a friend of mine.

So I listened to that song for a while.
The alternative was Metallica, Sepultura or Pantera.
Make a choice :lol:

:) I got the song from a CD-ROM…you know those CD’s from old magazines where they put everything on just to fill it up somehow ;)I listened to my MOD’s with DMP (Dual Module Player by Otto Chrons) that time…on a 486 SX with 25 Mhz. And I was like “damn, that thing can play music??”
For almost a year I didn’t even know that I’d be able to make such things myself somewhen until my friend gave me FT 2.06 on a Disk.
For that program I even bought me a Creative Labs SB-16, just to be able to have 44khz and 16Bit in DOS :)

I choose the good one :)

it’s not mine, but check this if we talking about


Sorry, but this version you linked is NO comparison to the original <_<

hmmm… agree… sounds so weak and dry… <_<