Anyone Managed To Hook Up A Trackir To Renoise?

Thought I’d check in here to see if anyone else has attempted it… I’m looking for a way to use parameters from a TrackIR headset as midi CCs. I’ve used other game controllers by using the HID device input in Plogue Bidule as a rewire slave to renoise (to make everything run in ASIO) and Midi Yoke to send the signals back to renoise.

TrackIR uses it’s own wierd protocols and as such is not a standard HID device… some things I tried were:

  • attempting to utilise the open source “freetrack” software; doesn’t work with my version of the TrackIR device though only the older ones
  • translating the signals to joystick commands using TIR2Joy with PPJoy virtual joystick drivers - Bidule does not support the virtual device PPJoy presents to windows though, it appears… the message “polled, not imp” appears next to it in the drop down list of available devices… But this seems to be getting me closer as I’m able to see it as a standard game controller under windows devices and watch the axis movement.

Does anyone know of a way to translate the virtual joystick in PPJoy to midi?

Alternatively, has anyone used a TrackIR for this before using a completely different method? I’m kind of stuck right now…

Perhaps a good jumpstart to the right direction?:

Thanks for the suggestion. I wanted to try this tonight… but I seem to have caught the flu and don’t really have the energy now :(

try puredata…has hid too, i managed to get different joypads to work as midi controllers in it…its a bit like plogue bidule tho so maybe you will have the same problems…, worth a try tho.