Anyone Remember These?

Or the Chain Gang, hehe…


The Chain Gang

Those were the days :rolleyes:

Firefox hangs upon that page…

But i have an idea it’s similar to this.:
(use RMB and “save as” option)

linked worked here and I’m on firefox… I loved the A-team when I was a kid. i used to beg my mom to buy me Mr.T cerial. i like at the end of the video when he says “I ain’t gettin on no plane!” :lol:

Haha he always hated planes!

He wouldnt wanna go on them, so they had to drug him and smuggle him onto it

It was awesome

yeah, a-team was my favourite tv program. I remember waching it on an old black-and-white tv :)

Never seen any of them. I feel culturally deprived.…d&search=a-team

i have a small junglely file with the ateam theme, its only half way through the theme, but the permutations of that rythm are dope!
especially with a dread bass(warp bass) style synth.

Anybody remember “Night Rider”? You know, with the talking car and David Hasslehoff (sp?)… that and the a-team were my faves!

man, i use to dream of having a “Kit”!
pontiac firebird!
even tho david hasserhoff rooks rike the devil incalnate hes the f****in man!

Yeah I remember all of the hype before the show aired and when I watched the first episode I knew I had to watch it each week. Amazing show.

I also remember being fond of the Greatest American Hero when I was a kid. You know, the one with the clumsy guy and the theme song that went something like, “believe it or not, I’m walking on air…”

He was like superman meets Jack Tripper from Three’s Company. Was not cool in the Night Rider way, but was funny none the less.

Oh and the original “Super Friends” growing up on Saturday mornings was the ultimate.

I see your Super Friends and raise you one Saturday Supercade: