Anyone Seen Howard Marks?

Went to a show at one of our local theatres to see the infamous ‘Mr Nice’, where he told some astounding tales about his escapades when he was younger. I thought I ought to go & see him after missing him on a couple of previous visits to our town. He’s an eccentric Welshman of the highest order, and I was completely absorbed with his stories about his involvement in the MI6, IRA, dozens of huge bands in the 60’s & 70’s, right down to his self discovery of licking toads & having disco biscuits with his daugther after 7 years in prison. If anyone approves of his intents & fundamental being, then I would strongly recommend you take the chance to see this legend on show. It would have been even more special if it wasn’t for the stereotypical pricks (who were drunk) yapping all the way through it & shouting out their phone number in the hope that he might become a ‘contact’ for them. That just made me angry, and it dimisihed all hopes of them understanding ‘what it was all about’, and to be frank, I felt ashamed of where I lived.

But still, on the upside, I felt glad that I got the chance to see such a legend of a man and it reassured me that his beliefs still stand strong, even today.