Anyone Tried Copperlan Yet?

If it comes up to a good set of free virtual midi cable-software, i sworn to MidiYoke…
Unfortunately… MidiYoke abandons me on the 64-bit platform. Specially when it regards connecting 32-bit apps with 64-bit apps.

It turns out that Copperlan here is the saviour of the day in this case…

Though when i read about audio streaming, it all seems only plans or possibilities which exists, but not added to their sample package. (which gives you 4 fully routable virtual midi cables, usable across different communication architectures)
Anyone who knows a good cross-bit audio-routing application? Jack Audio for windows doesn’t cut it here and well, the virtual audiocable does a partial job, but generally it sucks… and they also dare to ask money for it. VAcard even sucks a lot more.