Anyone Tried Out Aodix?

Just wondering has anyone tried it out? any comments, thoughts? I’m sure its something like wheatabix, but probably contains less wheat. :P

“Aodix current version is It won’t be updated anymore. This is why it has been released as freeware…”

+1 for renoise, hi-freq-updates :P

Was looking on line for tutorials but info seems to be fairly sparse on it…
the feature that sounds interesting is the since it’s tickless triplets etc. are possible at high bpms, i know you can do it in renoise but it’s a bit of a head scratcher…

hey kaneel liking the tunes btw! and thanks for the video tutorial mucho informatica :)

i want to add:

  • arrangements with pattern calls

The reason Aodix won’t be updated anymore is because Arguru, it’s main developer, has passed away :( (RIP)

Oh. I didn’t know that. RIP great, great software developer… :(

woaw… I just checked this out.

Nice feature indeed… and well thought out and neatly done in aodix.

Dont forget also that Arguru also made the predecessor to renoise, Noise Tracker.