Anyone tried the Behringer CMD series with Renoise yet?

Looking at getting a new controller and stumbled on the newer Behringer CMD series DJ controllers. I was particularly looking at the DC1. Has anyone tried these with Renoise yet? The encoders look like a particularly interesting thing for me and the price is very nice. It kinda has the look of the SP404 also which I like. Trying to figure out how the navigation knob at the top could work within Renoise in an interesting way. Thoughts?

Behringer CMD DC1

hmm. look ince…

Couldn’t find too much about it but it does indeed seem cool. With the endless encoders :D! (You’ll still have to hack and creep a bit to get that working optimally in Renoise or most other software)

I think the wheel should scroll through pattern lines, like a true jogwheel style transport, going on to the next pattern, till the end of the song.

I’m not familiar with this thing or the SP404 (or present state of controllers at all…), but it seems the pads act as simple buttons with no velocity control. This would be a deal breaker for me at least. I would hope the pads were velocity sensitive. Maybe this is not something you need, however?

That’s a shame. Yeah. They’re DJ controllers. :expressionless:

It also makes it exactly like the SP-404 though, no velocity. Damn. Velocity implementation for pads must be costly.