Anyone Used Vocoder In Renoise?

I just can’t figure out if there actually IS a way to effectively use vocoder inside a track.
I mean, I want to send a voice track to it, and control the chords with notes, but the stinky bit is that vocoder is not an instrument, but an effect, so Renoise won’t let me play it. Or will it?

I usually set this up easily only in one program - buzz modular. then sample the result and import back.

Seems like the rest of the software world makes you scratch your head every time you want to vocode a voice.
is it just me, or …?

today is your lucky day. it’s possible in renoise 2 and was doing this today!

NOW we’re talking some real stuff under the hood!!
Awesome! Finally I can scrap all remaining installations of cubase and the like. No more use for them!

Vocov2 is good. Get it here

on renoise 191 is posible to but with some vsts
for example
renoise, bidule vst,vokoder vst, virtual midi port (f.ex loopbe)
and it gos

MDA has a couple (i love the talkbox)
This is one of the easier ways to do it…
-put the effect on a track
-open 2 columns in that track (one for the voice and one for synth)
-then just pan them both hard, one to the left and the other to the right… it’s probably easiest to do this in the instrument properties if you are going to keep using the same samples over and over.

i haven’t experimented with it too much but i found the Renoise chipsaw instrument to work very nicely.
…oh and if you want to use chords just open up more columns on the same track and kick it.
good luck.

I like the akai vocoder vst best, nice warm vocoding sound, which freq bands can be adjusted like an eq.

prosoniq morph …morphing of audio signals …you can do some great vocoding with it

can you explain how to get this to work?
I can’t find how to route things into the vocoder.

This example will give you the idea. vokooder.xrns

ah sorry, i get a message saying the file is from a more recent version of renoise. Maybe it’s a mac/pc thing?

Here’s an older example that loads in 1.9.1:…
I guess his song has been saved in the 2.0 beta which won’t load in 1.9.1

well it was 2.0 I was trying to open it in, but oh well.

anyway, OH WOW, this is rad.
All working fine, it never occurred to me that the vocoder has to be on the send track.

I really appreciate you guys helping out, this is awesome.

vocoding plugins don’t have to be on the send tracks, just with the mda one.

Today I’ve been layering vocoded harmonies on top of eachother, using a vocoder vst, mic, vst fx alias + recording the layers in the sample editor. Great fun! put some harmonising plugs on top of the vocoded samples = instant choirlols.

vocov2 is absolutely the tits and plugs well into Renoise: there is an effects side for your modulator, and an instrument that serves as your carrier. I had it working in 1.9 in minutes, and now, all my tunes can have vocals.