Anyone Using Microtonic With Renoise?

Hello people…

A while ago I purchased microtonic. A friend of mine was using it in another host program to create cool kickdrums, beats and percussions. I was so impressed by it and because I know renoise also uses VST’s I thought, what the heck and bought it. It’s idea is really cool however, I seem to have some problems with it and since my friend doesn’t know renoise I thought I should come over here to ask the renoise pro’s :D

How should I use this program? Isn’t it like any other VST where you just select or create a sound and input it in the tracker window in renoise itself? I can’t seem to do that with this VST. It seems that I need to program a loop of beats in the VST itself and let that one run along with the track without being able to put them where I want in the tracker.

Could someone using this VST help me out a bit?

Thanks in advance!

This isn’t really related to Renoise.

In Microtonic it’s possible to trigger the individual drum sounds via MIDI notes C-3 to G-3, so if you play or record these notes in Renoise you can create any pattern you want without relying on Microtonic’s internal sequencer.

To stop Microtonic’s internal sequencer automatically playing in sync with your song, simply press the stop button in Microtonic’s GUI.

You can easily find more info in the Microtonic documentation.

microtonic works perfectly in renoise just go 1 oktav down and find the right keys, you see them get triggered by changing of color.

Also renoise does not support multiple audio streams from VST instrument so you should not use Microtonic multi out.

But you propably already knew that.

µtonic is probably one of my most favourite and most often used plugins.
it’s so versatile you can even write whole tracks just with the tonic (ofc only applies if you feel like going for techno-oriented music).

for a little quickstart:
a C-6 will stop the internal sequencer
a C-5 will launch it
as dblue already mentioned, you can alternatively also hit the respective buttons in the lower left corner of the GUI by mouse if you prefer.

when using the external sequencer mode (ie sequencing is done via renoise’s pattern), you can trigger the eight different single shots (I-VIII) with C-3 till G-3 in halftone steps accordingly.

btw: this behaviour does also apply for every other sequencer and is not renoise specific in any way.
so i think your friend could’ve easily helped you out here if he only cared to ;)