Anywhere to buy Renoise stickers?

I looked on the spreadshirt sites and googled around but didn’t see anything. I just want a couple Renoise logo stickers to cover my laptop with :slight_smile:

Or, as an alternative, is there a source of high-quality images one could use to create their own?

Google is my friend.

I have no idea where that site gets its content.

Now I can print up some stickers for myself.

Here´s an example of a sticker made by myself with just sccisors, cheap vinil and a bit of patience, Then I put in the backside of my laptop ( 18 inch).

P.D. How to attach an image in this post, I can´t see any button of attachment !

Nice work Circe!

Here are some unofficial logos i made for a video i guess you could use if you want:





Hopefully i’m not banned for bootlegging, here…

Renoise Team: please remove if you don’t appreciate me spreading fake Renose logos

^ Liking the 3d!

Yes, i agree number 4 perfect for a tattoo , very warm. Thanks