Aphex Robot

Logos foundation from ghent ( me hometown ) belgium

woah. that’s definitely something i wanna see and hear in action when he starts using it live :lol:

made me think of his monkey drummer video… actually not that different from the “HAT” machine, is it? except for the looks and the sounds, of course

Monkey drummer was a machine , ( chris cunningham ) that was not capable of actual music making and cgi stuff all over , the human parts are from sugarcubes drummer ’ Sigtryggur “Siggi” Baldursson ’
THis is for REal :w00t:

Mental stuff!

Next step will be real drummer with midi port on his neck

edit: and bananas who looks and taste like oranges

that is one hairy dude

musicians will be pointless. :wacko:

I’d personally love to see what Aaron Funk could do with such machinery… knowing him, he’d probably jam it up

Aaron Funk, the eight-legged breakbeat Viking from Mars