aphex twin-inspired scratching technique on drumsounds

After listening to the new Afx record (the first track), I noticed that he’s using extreme pitch bend on drumsounds probably controlled by a midi controller, and I thought about how to do this in Renoise. By simply putting the reversed version of the sample on note-off and at the same time modulating its pitch you can get some pretty cool effects. Fast-scratching like effects on a snare is pretty neat. Anyways, I started to refine the technique but Renoise 3.0 is simply amazing! I ve never really used note-offs before but the possibilities are endless. What else can I do with note-offs?

What are you talking about?
I suppose that i dont use note-offs also :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting idea, never really got around to doing anything with note off but it does seem like there are endless possibilities with the mod and fx chains combined.

You don’t really need a reversed copy of the sample and note-offs to do this, just use B0 / B1 commands in the volume or panning column and combine them with 0Uxx / 0Dxx pattern effects.

But ya know - whatever works, skinning cats, etc

EDIT: Just remember I knocked this up ages ago, it’s pretty shite to be fair but at least gives the general idea


Hey, I like that idea. Very novel approach to use the note off layer for the other half of the scratch…I mean, the audio is mostly composed of pairs: back, forward, back etc.
Programmed scratches can sound amazing but aren’t something you can play/record live. This, on the other hand…

@Rex: Great demo song, didn’t know that delay is also applied on fx commands, when there is no not one event.