Aphex Twin type Snare rushes

How do you get your Snare Rushes to sound similar to Aphex Twin? His song ‘‘4’’ is what I’m going for in particular. You hear this a lot in breakcore. I know its a lot more complex then playing snare samples at 64th notes. I’m working with using retriggers and volume.

I was wondering if anyone knows of some tutorials or vids on how to get a more precise and complex sound with their snares.

Thanks in advance!

I’m working with using retriggers and volume.

You just answered your own question. It’s just well programmed retriggers and volume fade in/out.

I actually asked this exact same thing a couple months ago. There’s an XRNS about 2/3 of the way down that shows an easy way to accomplish the type of snare patterns in “4.”


That’s funny… I was also apprehensive about creating ANOTHER “How to Aphex Twin” post. That’s hilarious we even have the same song title for reference. I’m reading your post now, are you talking about “Repeats.xrns” ?

What else have you learned over the past couple months?

I find that raising the pitch as well as using the S command to stretch the sound gives me a little bit of that “laser” type sound I hear. Also moving the Start and End points of the loop to the middle of the snares tail gives me some cool sounds.

Ok, this is a great start. Thanks!