Api: True Cursor Focus For Track Dsp & Diskop

two hands, one keyboard:

  1. I’m in the Pattern Editor. Suddenly want to load a new sample.
  2. I press one key, that’s 1 (!) key.
  3. Pattern Editor changes to Disk Browser, Disk Browser is enabled in expanded mode
  4. Cursor Yellow Bracket focus is on Disk Browser sample loading portion.
  5. Proceed to cursor up/ cursor down. Press a shortcut to load a sample.
  6. Run a shortcut to return back to Pattern Editor
  7. Carry on.

-> Method of providing true Cursor Focus in API enables one to “exit” the pattern editor, load a sample and return back, with 3 presses of the keyboard - no usage of mouse.

-> Method of providing true Cursor Focus in API enables one to move TrackDSP effects around with the keyboard.

-> Method of providing true Cursor Focus in API enables one to open up the Instrument Dropdown Menu when in Pattern Editor without upper_frame

-> Method of providing true Cursor Focus in API enables one to make copies of instruments quickly by focusing on Instrument Box and creating a copy.

& here’s where it gets fun

-> Method of providing true Cursor Focus in API allows for further development of Track Scope focus. This opens up a whole new can of worms. Users could write their own scripts which are run with TrackScope-Focus-specific shortcuts, and could… … well, at the very least, come up with some ideas as to how to use that for a win-win situation .9

Unfortunately no keyboard shortcut for the More button (good suggestion) but I have Shift+Alt+D set to give me focus to the Disk Op. Although the same shortcut in fact cycles through the top tab so if it’s currently on Scope (for example) you will have to hit it a couple of times.

No API needed for this. I have Shift+Alt+F for DSP Chain (FX), left/right to select device, Ctrl+Left/Right will move their position.

You mean the little drop down box, keeping the upper frame closed? Not even Alt+Click gives Focus to it so it has no Focus option… Reasonable idea, although being able to reorder and work within the lists needs improving generally (can’t even drag multiple instruments at once currently.)

Don’t really get that. It’s already quick to change instrument and copy it from most area, especially with API.

Sound interesting :)

One additional note. Much of what you ask seems to exist already in Keyboard Shortcuts. I still like the idea of being able to add commands to the API via keyboard shortcut coding and thus create easy Macros. If this was implemented it would hopefully give you most of what you want and much more besides ;)

Yeah, I think what I need to do is break out Keyboard Maestro and use screen icon detection to be able to force disk browser to always show Samples when booting up.
Guess that’s the only way. But I’ll get there, even if Renoise API doesn’t let me.