Apple Launches Mac Mini

Finally, Apple has affordable PCs available. The company released a Mac Mini which costs $ 499 without monitor, mouse and keyboard

I think, thats much cheaper than a slow and unreliable PC with software from Redmond…

Real neat!! I want to have one :)

I guess it would work ok with Renoise. Soundcard and bigger HD could be connected through USB/Firewire. But you’re stuck with 256Mb mem and the gfx card.

I just was in the online-store to see, how much those upgrades (more RAM etc) are. My Dream-Mac will cost me 900 EUR… That’s not too much (if I would get my record contract ;) )

But I think, within the next few months, this babe will be mine :)

Ah I see… you can put up to 1Gb RAM in there… Now we’re talking…

Perfect for Programmers

Set a space-saving Mac mini atop your workstation PC and add a KVM switch to share keyboard, monitor and mouse. Mac OS X includes free developer tools for Mac, UNIX and Java. Test out a Mac version of your latest creation, instantly. Pretty soon you’ll be using the Mac full-time, with that PC relegated to the testbed.