Apple Wwdc 2008

I know this isn’t the most popular place to be posting kool-aid drinking macintosh fanboi-ism (Is that even a phrase?) but in a few hours the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference will be kicking off. I’m pretty excited.

This is the developers conference. There may be new cool gadgets, but this focuses on the nerd herd.

Every year, Ars Technica does live coverage of the keynote (10:00 AM Pacific, 1:00 PM EST) and blogs like are sure to throwdown too.

One of the rumors is a developers box which runs Windows/Linux/OS X (or maybe cross compiles OBJ-C/Cocoa apps?)

Anyway, this year is supposed to be big, according to the buzz. Let’s hope it delivers.

This one seems to be the blog to follow, shift reload party woot:…wdc-08-keynote/

So far:

New OS, Snowleopard, WTF?! (left hanging, they will talk about this after the iPhone)
iPhone stuff, lots of it.
Foreshadowing of an iPhone “App Store” (probably launching today)

With pictures:…from-wwdc-2008/

The games on the iPhone look decent. Still no info on “Snowleopard” though…

Damn, that was a waste of my time…

I guess it’s cool if you are into the iPhone (not me though). 70 countries, $199 dollars, new SDK and all that jazz.

But talk about leaving us hanging on Snowleopard. (yes, a new OS was announced at the start of the keynote… and then… a big nothing was revealed)

I was just watching the IRC chat feed on Ars Technica, and refreshing the links above.

if you have good ideas for mobile devices and are a developer familiar with Xcode, it looks like a very promising platform for shareware. Check the links.

I only have PPC, so I’m waiting out the rumor storm in regards to ‘Snow Leopard’

Press release:

It will be available in about a year. They are taking a chill pill and making things better. This, I applaud.

Yes, a lot of focus on games announcements for the 'Phone:
Super Maco Bros : Grab apple products to save the turtlenecks!
Super Stock Car: Smash your opponents on Wall Street
Super Cock Star: make it big in the xxx industry (comes with haptic feedback)

But seriously, Super Monkey Ball!!
I’m looking forward to that one.