I was really close to canning this song. But then i figured, maybe i’ve been listening to it so many times while making it, i’ve lost all objectivity. Sad thing that happens when you work on a song too long, that underbelly feeling of “wauw this could be something great” fades away after a while, and all you feel is frustration when you hear the song. And sadness, for something that didn’t turn out as great as you intended it to be.

Star of the show is probably a VST instrument called “Kx-Synth-X16”, a geniously programmed and wonderfully sounding VST clone of the EMS Synthi. This one can be downloaded here:

Anyway, enjoy! And if not, sorry in advance for wasting 5 minutes of your life! :)


nice tune as always man :)


Some trivia: The song uses 13 different VST effects, 3 VST instruments, and 3 voice samples. No synth samples were used, every sound is generated in real time. Mostly thanks to all those great free VSTi’s that are available. The only VSTi in my arsenal that’s payware is Zebra, and it’s worth every penny, but it could also easily be replaced by freeware for the music that i’m into.

The song managed to bring my new quad-core processor to it’s knees. Have a look in the kitchen:


I still suck at Renoise tough, i’m focussing all my skills on using VSTi’s, but i spend way too much time on sequencing, because i’m too thick to learn the shortcuts :)

love that diiirty broken tapemachine vibe you’ve got there.
it’s so sweet, and so spooky at the same time B)

edit: oh, don’t worry too much about 85% cpu. my theory is that no matter how fast your computer is, you will ALWAYS max it out now and then. my tracks always gets to 100% at some point, and then I start render stuff down… I don’t have a quad core, but If I did, I’m pretty sure I would be in the same situation -

Great stuff, like expected. :D

wow, really great, emotional song. made me even forget about my current breakcore/hardtechno passion and start to search for more your tunes. thank you!