Appling Effects

Im trying to apply effect to my notes/samples.
For example glide or vibrato… i can write down the effects but nothin change.

I’ve readen on tutorial manual they do not apply to VST/midi but i cant understand if my instrument is a VST one or not… what shall i do?

im very beginnner

It is very easy to figure out if your instrument is sample based or not, let me help you out:

This instrument (called Drumkit) contains samples in the below sample-frame you can see 3 slots filled in (ACBD1, ACSD4, ACRIMS):

So now you have an instrument based upon internally loaded samples, in this case the “sample based only” effect commands apply.

If you have a VST instrument, there are no samples listed in the below sample frame:

In this case the internal sample specific effects won’t work out.

Any VST instrument can be (de)selected in the VST instrument panel:

You can have combined instruments:sample related and vsti (and midi as well), just remember that certain effects still only apply to the samples and nothing else. (neither MIDI).

For more instructions on using sample related instrument watch the video: