Apply Effect Only On Note-Off Possible?

I’ve been trying to create an instrument/dsp-chain which would allow me to apply a filter to the track on note-off while also allowing me to control the rate at which the filter’s frequency changes using an XY pad. Based on my understanding I could do most of what I want by creating a cut-off envelope in the instrument with sustain enabled so that when the note stops playing the envelope is allowed to move past the sustain marker, but then this doesn’t allow me to affect the gradient of the cut-off envelope. I also know that this effect could be done using automation, but then as far as I’m aware there’s no way to achieve the same effect when using a midi controller (namely my Misa Kitara) with an XY pad.

I don’t actually have Renoise in front of me since I’ve had to stay overnight at work so I may be missing something obvious (perhaps there is an option to create envelopes in the instruments which only activate at note-off?) but I’ve been thinking about this for a while and would appreciate any suggestions.

you are right with your thouths: the thing you need and are missing is the ability to change the instrument envelope using a MIDI command, which is currently not possible.

but if you want to use an X/Y pad, you can bind it via MIDI to a parameter in a track DSP. the only problem is that parameter should be in a track DSP since you cannot automate instrument parameters as of version 2.8.

also, using a Key Tracker or a Velocity Tracker device you could bind a track DSP parameter to the pitch or the velocity of a note, but only to a note-on, not to a note-off command

Easy: Use the Key Tracker assigned to a different instrument (like a silent instrument). With that silent instrument put some notes in the expanded channel col right of your existing notes at the points where the other instrument note-offs are. This will act as a trigger which can trigger the Reset on a LFO that is on a Custom envelope linked to a selected Filter. Use Clamp on the Key Tracker.

I may have to go with that as at least a temporary implementation, but it still raises a problem if trying to record live from my kitara. As a more detailed example of how I would like to be able to do it would work like so:

Finally, release touchpad, note-off is sent to renoise, and the note is silenced at controlled rate.

I’m sure this probably isn’t possible in Renoise but it would be awesome since I could put any number of effects on the Note-off to control just when and how a pad or bass note fades out.

I’d go with experimenting with It-Alien’s approach then.