Apply envelopes to plugin output

This would be awesome: an on/off toggle to apply the sample envelopes (vol/pan/filt/pitch) to the output of VST/DSSI/etc. plugins… or maybe even have a separate set of vol/pan/filter/pitch envelopes in the “plugin” section of each instrument?

:D :D

This would of course be a nice thing to have, but neither the VST specs nor any other plugin specs allow this. Such envelopes need to be applied per “voice” in the plugin (per note you trigger the plugin with), but you can’t explicitly control a “voice” in plugins. A plugin basically is a blackbox which gets feed with MIDI (or note data) and spits out some audio at the other side (just like a HW synth). What exactly it does with the notes is up to the plugin. CCs like standard MIDI volume CC, apply to “something” globally in the plugin as well, if at all.

Could try using note aftertouch, but this will not be supported by most plugins or do things like changing the “expression” of the sound and not the volume.

So all we could do is applying the envelopes on the whole output of the plugin which is not what you’d expect. And this is what you can already do with a keytracker -> LFO device -> gainer combo in tracks.

Ah i see… thanks for the very precise explanation.

Concisely explained. Thanks, taktik.