Apply Realtime Effects In The Sample Editor

please mr renoise,
first of all, i love the new layout for patterns, well done!
but, on the sample editor window, it would be a great advantage to have effects that you can apply directly to the sample.
i usually have to edit the sample in adobe audition and then load it back into renoise.
this is ok, but sometimes i have to re-edit the same sample many times and this becomes annoying and time comsuming.
the integration of vst, or even directx effects (please) into the effects editor would be simply awesome.


Right click on the sample -> Process -> Process Track FX will apply the currently selected DSP chain to the sample…

i thaught somebody would say that
thats not what i mean
im talking about adding effects independant of whatever effect is on whatever track.
to treat the sample as an individual sample that has no input from the song you are creating.
sometimes, for example, with feild recordings or talking, you know from experience, exactly what is required to clean the sample up and make it useable.
it would be so much easier to do this from the sample editor with just a few clicks,
and not have to go to all the trouble of setting a track up to play the sample, adding effects to the track, swith to sample editor, rendering the effects, swith to pattern editor, clearing the track you just set up, putting the sample you just rendered in the track, checking it out, setting up more effects, switch to sample editor, render the effects, over and over…
it just consumes way too much time for relatively simple proccesses.
perhaps there is only me that would like to work this way? but i doubt it

Well you don’t need to do 90% of that anyway.

Empty track, main view in Sample Editor, bottom pane DSPs. Loads sample, double click on whatever effect it is you want to apply, give it the required settings (which you’re stating you know by heart) click on apply track DSPs. Don’t need the sample in the pattern, you really are trying your best to over complicate matters. Even if you don’t know the settings you don’t need to enter a note in the pattern, just play it from the sample editor and it will play through whatever is on the currently selected track. Personally don’t think it needs any more streamlining than that.

IIRC, you can actually record sounds through whatever DSP chain is on the current track

this will not happen then
oh well, i will just have to go along with a rubbish way of editing samples,
at least until one of the programmers sees what im getting at anyway.
thanks for your input everyone

You seem to forget that Renoise aims towards music production, not sample editing. Multiple team members have repeated this point of view a couple of times during the years. The sample editor keeps improving, don’t get me wrong and useful editions will be added but do not expect it to evolve into a grand Adobe Audition killer or something similar. Your suggestion simply can be done, unfortunately not the way you like it, but these kind of existing features will not be dubbed on non-core areas of the application at least not for now, perhaps in the future if space and time comes for it.

ahh so im not the only one who has asked for the sample editor to be improved.
i was beggining to wonder. lol
i am aware that renoise is intended for music production,
since samples are commonly used in renoise, it seems only fitting to have a good sample editor, does it not?
im testing 2.5 beta and just thaught i might make a suggestion for improvement.
sorry if i upset anyone

perhaps something aloong the lines of:
maybe having a track specific to the sample editor, one that doesnt feature in the patterns.
maybe with a feature to allow you to save the sample editor effect track as a preset.

the main problem i have with the current method is that you have to mess around adding extra tracks just for simple editing, then your pattern becomes messy and cluttered with useless tracks full of nothing but effects, and when you have lots of tracks, this isnt good.
but i can still make tunes with renoise as it is, renoise is awesome!
so no worries

Personally, I think Sporsmaal is on to something. We all understand how Renoise is a DAW, not a wave-editor, but you can apply all sorts of envelopes to instruments… why not DSP’s…? It makes sense to me, but I guess mostly because I don’t use an external wave-editor. Also, his suggestion is only a step away from dedicated audio-tracks.