Applying An Effect To A Single Sample, Not The Whole Pattern

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my first post here, hope this question hasnt been answered before, couldnt find anything …

so i want to apply an effect (currently a delay with one of the presets) to a single sample in a row. when i select the delay dsp it only allows me to delay the whole pattern. of course i could create the effect i want, generate a wav and reenter it in my original project, but that seems a bit complicated (also i`m still using the demo version)

i guess i could also enter the values manually but to be honest the 13 (!) numberic codes in the fx-delay-menu are a bit much for a newbie :P

later on i would like to try to change my vsti synth sound. at the moment all values are playing a nice melody and in a later part of my current track i want to change the vsti synth values - but just from that point, not for the whole pattern altering my beginning :)

hope i formulated that understandable and that there is some easy way to do that ;)

from the manual:

You can also enable and disable effects with track DSP commands:

  • xF00 - Turn effect x off.
  • xF01 - Turn effect x on.

As for changing synth values , automation or program change should do the trick,
but I’m not sure about the program change, you should research that if you want to know more about it.

peace !

ohhhhh, that was easy :)

… and it`s even written there as last point in the fx menu :badteeth:

thanks a lot for the help, didn`t see that !

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