Applying Velocity While Playing

a cool feature would be being able to hear the note with the velocity which is on the current position, if any, while playing it on the PC keyboard.

so, while the cursor is on a place where there is a note with volume 30, all notes played with the keyboard will be played with velocity 30.

this should be both in edit and play mode

Again the masking functionality from Impulse Tracker comes to mind…
(not touching / changing unmasked fields but do apply them on-the-fly)

Yeah that sounds god if it is from the volume column.

But on a second thought…
It might trigger bugg reports when people play on the keyboard but don’t understand why there is no sound. Because the cursor is next to a zero volume number.

Also might make people raise the volume of the vsti when on a low value only to find out it playing very high when the continue to a high value.

However if it were connected to a global velocity button.
Then people could se that the global velocity was low and understand why it plays the sound so low.

It probably has to be connected in a oneway though and there could also be a small button next to the global velocity input that swithes between a connected mode and a not connected mode.

These sort of problems are there already when using automation and volume commands in the same track.
And i mostly see such questions ending up in “Help & Support” or the “Beginners section” first, so i wouldn’t worry too much about such hassle.

And something similar I miss from the old days:
Default velocity in the instrument settings.
So if you enter a note without any velocity number behind it, it will play at this default velocity.

Yeah, default velocity would be great. I miss that too.