Apps In The Appstore, "i'll Never Buy Again."

And it seems like… I do use the free ones… But I’ll download free ones, and then a few months go by, and they get no use… Almost the same as the pay ones. So I’ve pretty much decided… That apps in the app store are a waste of money…

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Who’s with me on this?

How about vst’s? Free vs. Non-free? I’m hesitating.

I wouldn’t say they’re a waste of money, they’re just tools; if you can use em more power to ya if you can’t coolbeans. I stay away from them mostly cause they don’t fit in my workflow. There are some really useful looking OSC and Midi controller apps, but at the moment my mpd32 is all that need.

Stick to the serious tools like Nanostudio and Sunvox. Stay away from the one-off instruments/synths/drum machines, which tend to end up being useless (at least for me) because they aren’t integrated into a production environment.

Hi… This is weird true: “I’m using my payware vsts all the time.” I’m just talking about apps in the appstore… but plug ins, and the “computer” software… “the stuff that runs on desktops and laptops,” I’m using this all the time.

Infact in many cases, the quality of payware vst/au plugins whatever, just blows away the freeware. Now in many cases the freeware is very good. But… In many cases, the payware blows the freeware to bits.

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Now I know that is a bit of a flame-war statement. So in the interest in peace and love; “this is my opionion and not a statement of fact.” People are more then welcome to say I’m wrong, I’m just not going to argue about it, as it is a no win situation.

This is what inspired the thread. lol… I’ve been thinking lately, “do I want to try that cool looking” software… I almost bought it yesterday… And then I’m thinking… WOW… for a while now I’ve been buying apps, and they get no use. So I stopped myself, and said, “I’ve had enough.”

Maybe its too early… Maybe another few years… Then I will take a new look at purchasing apps.



So I decided to do a quick bing search…

Perhaps my thought, about not using the apps, is not so weird, or wrong. Perhaps you are the pot, calling the kettle black. Maybe you are just trolling