Apricorn - Nostradamus

Out Now!
$4 for the download
$5 for the cd (Coming October 1st)

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"This is the Newest Album by New Zealand musician Henry Thompson, better known as Apricorn.
Apricorn’s debut album is packed full of beautiful chilled-out melodies that will leave your mind calm and your eyes shut.

It was all made with a computer and a guitar.
All the song titles were taken off Nostradamus’s Wikipedia page."


I’ve posted this in various places around the internet but nobody seems to buy it (Only my friends in real life have bought it)

well the internet is a very competitive place. posting it on a site where everyone produces music is a LITTLE risky because we all can hear what’s good and what’s not so good about your music and we can compare it to tons of other artists especially when it comes to the price.
this is only my opinion but for “amature” music that is kind of mediocre it’s a little pricy … and what’s with the $1.20 per track? i can get a hamburger for a dollar, heck even individual tracks from world-renowned bands don’t cost that much on Amazon.

or to put it differently: you have no audience, there is no real demand for your music. so build an audience, then sell albums. and even then you would have to compete with brilliant artists who sell their stuff for a dollar and individual tracks for “name your price” on bandcamp.

Thanks well I’ve made $25 off it now which is good and some people are nice on other sites but yeah I see what you mean.