Arboreal - Bodhi

Hello Renoisers
First of all here is the song: (Ive changed for Soundcloud, the sound is clearly better…)
Arboreal - Bodhi

I’ve got some troubles with the mix, especially I would like to separate clearly each instruments. Sometimes it sounds like a maelstrom of noise. I’ve got a loud bass which I guess disturb the whole mix. I’ve tried to filter by frequencies, but I’m not satisfied at all by my own results. If I continue today, I will finish crazy soon.

If someone loves the song and want to improve the sound, I can share the xrns. Anyway all tips are the welcoming!

PS : I know, how I sound is not the taste of all. :rolleyes:

i love it

perhaps… but its just taste things… the hats could be tiny bit less bright … overall i think the mix is great…
a gate on the bass could clean out some rumble…