is there somebody who can tell me why blackbox (total random fm-synth by
cant be rendered to a sample slot (silence)?
has anybody had experience with that kind of vsti?
it must be possible somehow.


Hmm?? :blink:
Though I tried the plugin called “blackbox”, it can be rendered to a sample slot.
Is this plugin that you use?…dubMe=sig%20gen

Don’t you be wrong in any operations or settings?
Please try to download “blackbox” again and confirm it.
Can you use render-function in other plugins?

actually i downloaded it again and it works :blink:
im confused. sry i didnt want to irritate you but
it wasnt possible on my machine yesterday…
i tried everything (except re-download :D )
im so happy now.

thanks for your help Sato!

by the way:
do you know other random- soundgenerators outthere?
vst or standalone - doesnt matter.
nowadays ive acquired a taste for it.

Random to what extent? Can’t you get pretty random sounds out of just about any synth with noise waveforms as generators. The most random noise being the white kind.

OK, Don’t mind. :)

I don’t know about another “Random” VST, except for clicking the “rand” button in Renoise(right- bottom of VSTi GUI).
Though it doesn’t change if you don’t click… :o